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Welcome to Nerd North Media
We Build WordPress Websites
We Level Up Brands
We Produce Geek Events
Distributors of Awesome

We can make the Kessel Run in less than 12 Parsecs.

At Nerd North Media, we often do the impossible at a fraction of the time with a fraction of the resources – like the trusty ol’ Millenium Falcon. We turn ideas into actions, and actions into results. We’re geek and pop culture obsessives that happen to make great WordPress websites that attract, engage and convert readers into fans and customers. Together, we can help your brand level up.

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About Us
Our Team

A passionate team of nerds who make great websites and more.

When we're not obsessing over the next big programming language or how to make an impact online for your brand, you can usually find us pouring over comics, indulging in anime or getting into debates over who played Punisher the best. (Jon Bernthal ftw)
  • Testimonial

    Joey Proulx

    Co-Founder & Sith Lord

    "I would love to change the world, but they won't give me the source code."

    Joey lives and breathes the web. A passionate online geek, Joey has always had an entrepreneurial spirit from launching successful web development and hosting start-ups to social media networks and blogs.

    Nerd North was Joey’s answer to bringing all his loves under one roof – a media company that brings people together through music, entertainment, web and events.

    When Joey’s not plugged in to the matrix, you can usually find him on his PS4 or behind his drums pondering his next venture.

  • Testimonial

    Jess Oliver-Proulx

    Co-Founder - Creative Buddha

    "In the beginning the Universe was created. This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move."

    Tired of the gender bias and elitism in nerd culture, Jess started GEEKPR0N to offer a platform for the local, indie, and obscure geek girl community to be heard.

    Combined with her experience as a promoter, this has led to an exciting career in event coordination and brand community management.

    When she’s not fighting for a free and open internet, Jess can be found working on her Hemp Is The New Black organic, sustainable product line.

  • Testimonial

    Diego Escobar

    Code Monkey

    "Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn."

    Diego is an angry coder, WordPress guru, and comic nerd who hates talking about himself almost as much as he loves pizza.

  • Testimonial

    Nick Hall

    Pixel Pusher

    "Hey daddio, I don't wanna go, down to the basement."

    Nick has always been passionate about art and design. After studying Graphic Design at OCADu, Nick has handled a variety of challenging creative projects, primarily as Senior Designer for Cube Works Studio in Toronto. Working closely with our team, Nick has been instrumental in helping to develop and harmonize Nerd North’s brand recognition.

    In his free time, Nick enjoys working on personal creative projects including branding and logo design, as well as mixed media and even pixel-art. For more information, please visit artstormcreative.com.

  • Testimonial

    Nerd North is our go-to resource for website development projects.

    Duncan Steels, CEO - nervewire Inc

    Nerd North is our go-to resource for website development projects. As examples, we’ve used them for Seen heard Known (SHK) our own lifestyle and fashion property and Christodora a NY based charity. Timeframes and budgets are adhered to, work is precise and always of high quality and responsiveness is exemplary. Advice and guidance during solution design and strategy always carefully balances the competing demands of cost, quality in time in a pragmatic way. Not much more to say.

  • Testimonial

    They are at the top of my list for recommendations.

    Pushpa Isaac, Creative Director, Hello Push

    As an art director, it is very critical that my portfolio is always accessible with no glitches or slow load up times. Nerd North has provided me with nothing short of a dependable service with top notch customer service and hosting at affordable costs. They are at the top of my list for recommendations.

  • Testimonial

    They are the first place I turn to for design, programming and hosting – they do it all.

    Steve Gallant, Project Manager

    They are the first place I turn to for design, programming and hosting - they do it all. The expertise and experience that Nerd North brings to the table has placed them at the top of my list of dependable resources.

  • Testimonial

    We have 2 websites through Nerd North and their service has been fantastic.

    Sandy Campbell, The Mudmen

    We have been working with Joey Proulx and Nerd North for several years now. We have 2 websites through Nerd North and their service has been fantastic. Thanks for your great service!

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Whether you want to advertise across our network, get some designs done or some custom website development, we'd love to work with you. Simply use the contact form below and we'll get in touch with you ASAP.

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Our Services

Fast and affordable Heroes for Hire.

No longer will you need to call your niece or nephew for a website redesign, new logo or e-commerce store setup. Contact us to see how we can help your business level up.

  • Web Design

    Branding, Web Design & Development

    Let Nerd North’s designers refresh your brand! We offer full branding solutions from print to web to mobile. Combine your new look with a solid social integration to keep your customers engaged and coming back for more. Whether you’re a small, independent rebellion business or a large, international empire corporation, we have an online strategy for you.

    We’ll take your brand idea from concept to completion.

    Learn More See Our Portfolio

  • Advertising & Promotions

    Online Advertising & Promotions

    You’ve got an awesome brand, product, or event. Reach today’s decision makers and fans by advertising or promoting your brand through social media. Whether you want sponsored posts, custom polls or in-house campaign creation, we have a solution for you.

    Be seen by today’s influencers.

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  • Content & Copywriting

    Content & Copywriting

    Nerd North’s team of copywriters and content creators can create custom, compelling content for your brand. Not only that but we can and even feature it on the Nerd North Network, our privately owned network of niche blogs, magazines and ecommerce sites. Our content distribution solutions include sponsored posts/galleries, brand showcases, social media and more.

    In today’s connected world, content is king.

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  • Events

    Events & Entertainment

    Engage your fans and gain new ones by joining our growing series of events! Featuring some of the best local talent Toronto has to offer, Nerd North’s events are nothing short of spectacular. From spicy geek-themed burlesque and mind-boggling circus & aerial performances to amazing live music and DJ acts, our pop-culture themed parties are sure to leave a mark. Find out what we can do for you and check out some of our past events.

    Nerds know how to have fun too!
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