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Web: the online frontier.

These are the people of Nerd North Media. Their continuing mission: to create strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new concepts, to boldly go where no brand has gone before.

For more than 3 years, Nerd North has been helping companies like yours with strategic thinking, brand building, web design & development, marketing & promotions as well as being an international publisher of digital magazines & communities. We’re here to level you up.

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Creators of Awesome.

We're just a passionate team of nerds who love making great brands, websites and more. Speak to one of our nerds today to see what we can do for you.
Joey ProulxCo-Founder & Sith Lord

Joey Proulx

Co-Founder & Sith Lord

Joey lives and breathes the web. A passionate online geek, Joey has always had an entrepreneurial spirit from launching successful web development and hosting start-ups to social media networks and blogs.

Nerd North was Joey’s answer to bringing all his loves under one roof – a media company that brings people together through music, entertainment, web and events.

When Joey’s not plugged in to the matrix, you can usually find him on his PS4 or behind his drums pondering his next venture.

Jess Oliver-ProulxCo-Founder - Creative Buddha

Jess Oliver-Proulx

Co-Founder - Creative Buddha

Tired of the gender bias and elitism in nerd culture, Jess started GEEKPR0N to offer a platform for the local, indie, and obscure geek girl community to be heard.

Combined with her experience as a promoter, this has led to an exciting career in event coordination and brand community management.

When she’s not fighting for a free and open internet, Jess can be found working on her Hemp Is The New Black organic, sustainable product line.

Diego EscobarCode Monkey

Diego Escobar

Code Monkey

Diego is an angry coder, WordPress guru, and comic nerd who hates talking about himself almost as much as he loves pizza.

Nick HallPixel Pusher

Nick Hall

Pixel Pusher

Nick has always been passionate about art and design. After studying Graphic Design at OCADu, Nick has handled a variety of challenging creative projects, primarily as Senior Designer for Cube Works Studio in Toronto. Working closely with our team, Nick has been instrumental in helping to develop and harmonize Nerd North’s brand recognition.

In his free time, Nick enjoys working on personal creative projects including branding and logo design, as well as mixed media and even pixel-art. For more information, please visit artstormcreative.com.

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Sponsorship Services 67%

Advertising 51%

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