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GEEKPR0N is an online geek/pop culture magazine that unites geeks and nerds from Canada and around the world to bring you the awesome. Here, you will find geeky opinions/editorials, comics/movies/tv/gaming news & reviews, cosplay galleries, costuming tips, convention coverage and GEEKPR0N’s growing events.

Founded by Jessica Oliver-Proulx in 2009, GEEKPR0N was officially launched online May 4th, 2011 as an entirely female-run blog and has since grown to become one of the largest geek culture websites in Canada. This was the key differentiator in the male-dominated geek blogosphere; a place where women geeks can come and feel at home, where skill and knowledge define your nerd cred, not gender or cliques. Geek solidarity is the core reason GEEKPR0N exists, and it’s making a difference.

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Fun Facts

Monthly Readers: 160,000 unique readers/month
Monthly Reach: 27% Female, 72% Male
Most Popular Demographic: 45.4% 25-34 followed by 23.8% 18-24
Social Media: 8300+ Facebook fans, 2500+ Twitter followers[/span6]


In the Media

Toronto Sun, Aug 22, 2011 – Toronto Sun SUNshineGirl
ComplexGaming, June 28, 2012 – Girls With Game: Jess Oliver-Proulx Talks MMOs, RPGs And Pulling The “Diablo 3” Card
The Entrepreneur Blog, July 17, 2012 – The Top 50 Gadget Blogs to Watch in 2012
National Post, Aug 16, 2012 – How Fan Expo Canada became the third-largest convention of its kind in North America[/span6]

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