Brand, Spanking New Site & Services!

Brand, Spanking New Site & Services!

Finally! The day has come where we’ve been able to give our little site a makeover. Many of you that own your own businesses can understand how hard it is to be able to work on your own branding when you’re day is full helping others with theirs, (definitely not a bad problem to have!). With that being said, I’m happy to launch our newly redesigned website along with an updated portfolio and services!

With this new site, we plan on blogging more and bringing you helpful, small business advice that we’ve learned through trial and error such as, recommended WordPress plugins, social media strategies, optimizing your site for speed and other such fun things.

Feel free to navigate throughout the site and send us your feedback! Hey and if you like what you see and refer us to someone for a site design, we’ll pay YOU! Our way of saying thanks.

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