WTF is Nerd North Media? Oh and welcome!


WTF is Nerd North Media? Oh and welcome!

And the geek shall inherit the Earth…

So just what is Nerd North Media? It’s a question I’ve been asked a lot this last year as we’ve been setting up the foundation for our company and services.

Nerd North was the answer to bringing all my geeky obsessions and loves under one roof – a media company that brings people together through music, entertainment, web and events.

When Jess and I launched the GEEKPR0N website back in 2011, I can honestly say that we weren’t prepared for the explosive growth that we experienced. The positive response and support we received from our beloved geek community was overwhelming. After launching successful events for ComiCon and Fanexpo we realized that fans were starving for more media catered to their loves and obsessions.

We saw a need for a company focused on bringing together these fans, whether online or offline, in a safe, comfortable atmosphere. As fans ourselves, we wanted to create websites and events to help grow and foster fandom creativity and allow people to pursue their loves in a positive light.

For too long we’ve seen companies and agencies try to tap into our demographic for the sole sake of financial gain, forgetting about the fans themselves. Nerd North aims to change that by putting the focus back into the fans and the community. By the fans, for the fans.

With great power, comes great responsibility

Thanks Uncle Ben. I’ll do my best.

Welcome to the Nerd North family.

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